Friday, December 31, 2010

So long 2010!!!

Good Bye Twenty Ten

I feel like I didn't really do a lot in 2010 but I am going to try to recap and post a few pictures!

January- Spent NYE at the river it was cold and the fire didn't keep me warm I think everyone was in bed before midnight.
Went to some bars in long beach with some friends

Cuddled with a puppy

went to cowboy country
February- I honestly don't remember doing a lot besides going to the river to ride the buggy's and quads
Enjoyed Cocktail with Chips and Salsa with Amanda
Went to the Alibi for the first time with Shannon
 Had girls night with Amanda
 Went to Mavricks
Received first of many I am sorry I am a d-bag and like to cheat on  you!

March- I found out I was being promoted at work but losing another employee
Nani and I dressing alike
went to Disneyland a few times

April- Was the start of my summer going to the river and playing in the water
Sleeping on the volleyball court

Hanging out with my little man

May-July a blurr so here are the trips we took!
getting in on a game of flip cup

Flashing maybe???? NOOOO
Going to KP's Baseball Game

Celebrating Bdays

Then the End of July came, I had a lot of changes going on in my life and decisions to make. I haven't really talked about my past relationship yet but I will make a post about that some day. As I posted all these pictures up it makes me sad.. Not sad because of him sad that all these people I have just spent almost 3 years with are now gone out of my life forever. Sure some have said they still want to be in my life we all know how that usually goes!

In July I meet an amazing person! Someone who wasn't trying to get involved in my life, nor did I think anything would come of it. But from friends and being around him I opened up my eyes for once and decided to do what was best for me and how I should be treated! So BYE BYE to the boyfriend, and I have never felt so much better about myself or have been having so much fun!

We went to Sportys and got my tooth broke!

My first off road race
Total Chaos

My first trip up skyline

got myself a new boooo
Peed in the wilderness :)

adopted a puppy at work

Did my first craft project
 Rode a dirt bike for the first time
 went to the hospital for the first time
 and got stitches for the first time

 went riding in ocotillo wells

 Had Thanksgiving dinner at Keiths Mommas house


Went Camping

Froze our bootys off

came home early to play shuffle board

 Had beers on new years

 threw a party for NYE
 Saw a very old friend of mine

got attacked my a monster penis

 Hope everyone had a fantastic year and that 2011 brings everything you wish for!